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Process: How it Works

Normally after someone is arrested, they are taken to jail to begin processing. After the booking process has been accomplished bail will be set according to the offense. Bail is a guarantee to the court that someone will appear at all of their scheduled court dates and will remain in a specified area until all legal proceedings pertaining to their case are completed.

In North Carolina Bail can be paid:

1. In Cash

2. A pledge of property (if permitted in that court)

3.  A bail bond: 
A) Bail bond premiums in North Carolina are set and approved not to exceed 15% of the bond full face amount for state cases.
B) A signature & Guaranty Agreement is sometimes all that is needed.
C) Once the case is closed, regardless of the outcome, your collateral is returned.

We provide full services from simple pickup/surrenders to apprehensions and transports. All exonerations are conducted professionally and in a discreet manner, seriously addressing today's liability concerns.

Located Next To Moore County Detention Center.

We are conveniently located right next to the Moore County Detention Center in Carthage, NC. Servicing all 100 counties in the State of North Carolina.

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Action Bail Bonds, LLC has been family-owned and operated for 17 years. We offer our services throughout North Carolina, from Manteo to Murphy. Fast, Honest, and Reliable, reach out to us with any questions you may have. We are here to help, Remember, we are your phone call to freedom - 910-947-3729

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