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Pretrial Services

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Services We Offer

  • Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) Tracking Device Track the location of any person, in real-time.
  • Superior Technology
  • FR Monitoring System Traditional House Arrest
  • Remote Alcohol Testing
  • Biometric Voice Verification Reporting for low-risk offenders
  • Domestic Violence Solutions
  • Covert GPS Surveillance Vehicle and asset tracking

Becky Cameron - A Little About Me

I work as a certified sentencing/mitigation specialist in the Moore County court system. My focus is on offenders who are in the Moore County Detention Center or the court system that has drug, alcohol addictions, or mental health issues as a result of those addictions. The most prevalent issue that we deal with is opioid addiction. Our role is to work with the offender before the sentencing date and place them in an approved treatment facility based on their individual needs and risk factors. The goal is to facilitate both placing the offender in a treatment program and ensure an adequate level of supervision for the offender, and the safety of the victims and general public. To achieve this, we have electronic monitoring anklets that can be worn by the offender to pinpoint their location twenty-four hours a day-even while in treatment. It is our opinion this will give an extra layer of supervision of the offender while relieving some of the burdens on the county's resources. Often victims of these crimes are family members, so the defendant’s family can be at ease knowing their loved one is safe and receiving life-saving treatment. Recently, we have used one of these devices to monitor a veteran with severe PTSD issues and was in desperate need of treatment. This individual’s bond was reduced and placed on monitoring with alcohol and drug testing. Our client has been out of custody for almost four months, had no infractions, received treatment, and remained sober.

As we see on the news daily, the opioid addiction in the country has reached a crisis level and Moore County is no different. We have seen a huge increase in opioid arrests and consequently, a major rise in the need for treatment. We are at the forefront of this issue and feel electronic monitoring will allow more individuals to be successfully treated for their addictions, thus lowering the burden on families and the judicial system.

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We are conveniently located right next to the Moore County Detention Center in Carthage, NC. Servicing all 100 counties in the State of North Carolina.

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