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Q. What is a bail bond?
A. A Bail Bond is a financial guarantee that the defendant will appear at all of their scheduled court dates and will remain in a specified area until all legal proceedings pertaining to their case are completed.

Q. What is a Bail Bondsman?
A. A Bail Bondsman is an individual, licensed by the NC Dept. of Insurance who will be responsible and pledge money or property as bail for the appearance of a criminal defendant in court.

Q. How Does A Bondsman get Paid?
A. A Bondsman is paid a premium not to exceed 15% of the bail amount by the defendant or someone on their behalf.

Q. What Is Collateral?
A. Collateral is anything of value, such as houses, cars, boats, etc. used to financially secure a bail bond.

Q. When is Collateral Returned?
A. Collateral is normally returned after the defendant’s case has been closed and the entire premium has been paid.

Q. Do I Get Any of the Premium Back?
A. Any premium paid is fully earned and no refund of any will be returned.

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